Laser Hair Removal
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Laser produces high levels of light energy. This light is then absorbed by the dark pigment (melanin) in the hair and heats up the hair shaft thus damaging or destroying the hair follicle. This results in the follicles inability to produce hair, leaving the skin hair free and smooth.

Hair grows in cycles and for laser to work effectively, the hair needs to be in the ‘growing’ (anagen) stage, of the hair cycle. Hair growth cycles are between 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the area and the type of hair treated. This is why a course of treatment is recommended to get the best results. Usually a course of 6 to 10 treatments is recommended, for stubborn hair associated with hormonal hair growth top up sessions may be needed.

Minimal discomfort will be experienced during the treatment. There may be some swelling or redness for 24-48 hours following the treatment. The hair may ‘fall out’ 1-3 weeks after the treatment, as the hair is pushed out of the new epidermis.

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Offer 1 Year Course
The treatment includes the following: Full leg, Hollywood, Fishtail, Lower back, Full arm and Underarm, Full Face.

We use the Nd:YAG laser, considered to be the safest laser for darker skin types. Reduced melanin absorption means that the skin penetration depths are relatively high, enabling the laser energy to easily cause lethal follicular damage and remove hair long-term.

A Patch Test and a Non Refundable Deposit of £10.00 (redeemable against your treatment) is required 24 hours before treatment.

Laser Treatments Are:

  • Virtually pain-free with no medication or other pre-treatment required
  • Quick – treatments are usually under an hour
  • Recovery-free, so you can return to normal activities immediately
  • Effective for all skin types, as well as different hair types
  • More complete in coverage than other laser hair removal options
  • Perfect for any area of the body – including more sensitive areas like the face, neck and bikini area

Prices Per Treatment


Eyebrows£50.00 £35.00Upper Lip£50.00 £35.00
Chin£50.00 £35.00Upper Lip & Chin£90.00 £63.00
Jaw Line£90.00 £63.00Cheeks£60.00 £42.00
Side of Face£65.00 £45.50Hair Line£60.00 £42.00
Neck (front or back)£90.00 £63.00Nose & Nostrils£40.00 £28.00
Ears£40.00 £28.00Full Face£140.00 £98.00
Full Face & Neck£180.00 £126.00Beard£100.00 £70.00
Beard & Front of Neck£150.00 £105.00


Fish Tail£60.00 £42.00Sternum£60.00 £42.00
Abdomen£140.00 £98.00Chest including Breast / Nipple£150.00 £105.00
Breast£100.00 £70.00Nipple£60.00 £42.00
Full Back£160.00 £112.00Lower Back£120.00 £84.00
Chest & Abdomen (Men)£200.00 £140.00Back & Shoulders (Men)£220.00 £154.00
Shoulders (Men)£120.00 £84.00Full Arm including Hands£180.00 £126.00
Underarms£80.00 £56.00Upper or Lower Arms£105.00 £73.50
Hands & Fingers£90.00 £63.00Hands or Fingers£60.00 £42.00


Bikini Stander£80.00 £56.00Bikini Thong£110.00 £77.00
Brazilian£140.00 £98.00Hollywood£150.00 £105.00
Full Buttocks£130.00 £91.00Full Leg Inc Toes£250.00 £175.00
Upper Leg£180.00 £126.00Lower Leg£180.00 £126.00
Back of Thighs£150.00 £105.00Feet & Toes£75.00 £52.50
Feet Or Toes£40.00 £28.00


Nose£80.00 £56.00Cheeks£110.00 £77.00Lip & Chin£80.00 £56.00