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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of tattooing but unlike a regular tattoo microblading uses a manual handheld tool to implant the pigment under your skin rather than using a machine. The hair strokes mimic your natural hair and will help to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows making them look fuller and thicker. The whole process is completely bespoke, the pigments used will match your skin tone and natural hair colour and the shaping will be naturally enhanced to compliment your features.So say goodbye to eyebrow pencil and hello to microblading!

What is the Process?

An initial free of charge consultation is required to you can get more information and also meet your therapist. A patch test and medical forms will be required at this stage. The treatment can then be booked as quick as 48 hours after. And this will take up to 2 hours.After 4-6 weeks a touch up will be required, this is included within the price.

Does it Hurt?

Some people feel pain more than others but overall it feels like little scratches on your skin.

How Long Does it Last?

Microblading lasts up to 12 months however everyone’s skin holds the pigment differently. A touch up is advised every 9-12 months to refresh the look.


Aftercare is essential for the best possible results, aftercare balm and full instructions will be given on your first treatment. However at a basic level we would advise no direct water contact for 48 hours and no extreme heat until your eyebrows are fully healed including sunbeds, sun tanning and saunas.Your brows will look darker at first however during the healing process they will fade by 40-50%, you may also experience itching and redness – do NOT pick or scratch the area as this may affect the healing process instead apply the aftercare balm to reduce this sensation.


Eyebrows£250.00Colour Boost 12 Months£125.00
Colour Boost 18 Months£175.00Colour Boost 24 Months£250.00